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About me

About Me

Hi there! My name is Devika Chandrababu Mahajan and I am an architect, freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer (not particularly in that order) living in Punjab, India.

I have been painting since childhood and even as a working adult practicing architecture, art is what made me truly happy. So in early 2018 I took a break from architectural practice and started commercializing my artworks and illustrations under the brand name The Artsychoke.

As is evident from my work, I love botanical art and architectural illustrations. If you take a closer look at my portfolio you will see that I mostly stick to two styles – quirky playful like some of my illustrations and intricately detailed like my Kerala Mural Paintings. I keep finding things all around me that pique my interest and hence I am constantly exploring and experimenting with new styles, techniques and mediums.

You can buy my art prints and other products with my artwork from my online stores on Society6 and Redbubble. You can also buy my original paintings by reaching out to me through this form.

Some random fun facts about me

  • I am a coffee loving, mildly anti- social introvert who frequently gets lost in day dreams.

  • I am a South Indian from Kerala married to a North Indian from Punjab and living in Jalandhar, Punjab (For the non-Indians reading this – it is very much a cross-cultural marriage and the only thing both of our cultures have in common is the love for alcohol).

  • I am an overthinker. I overthink and overanalyze every single situation in life. Most of the stress in my life is because of imaginary problems that I make up in my mind.

  • I hate, absolutely HATE banana.

  • Dog lover.


Contact Me

If you want to get in touch with me regarding custom work, collaborations, sales inquiries or anything else feel free to drop a line!

Thanks for submitting!

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